In Protest of Winter

Greetings friends,

This winter has been particularly ugly. We have had more snow than I can remember. My driveway was completely impassable. Temperatures were frigid and disgusting. When it's not snowing now, it's raining. This is no way to live.

When something is going horribly wrong with the human experience, it is not uncommon to see people (read: hippies) protesting. This can take on several forms, from a hunger strike to holding signs and chanting to refusing to bathe (this is simply a means for the hippy to have an excuse for smelling like, well, a hippy). And so as winter continues it's strangle hold on the Pittsburgh region, I have decided to connect with my inner hippy and protest.

So my friends, I welcome you to the official Jason Winter Protest Beard.

Here are the rules. I will not be trimming my beard in any way until low temperature is above 40 for three days in a row. Ed has done some quick research, and if this season is anywhere near the "average" then a razor shall touch my face no sooner than April 28.

But I cannot do it alone. I will be the first to admit that I am weak when it comes to these kinds of things. My attention span is just to short to keep one style of facial hair for any period of time. I get bored. I get distracted. I fail to operate trimming apparatus in the proper manner. So I will be blogging through this whole experience, in the hopes that your comments and encouragements will keep me strong.

I'll also be taking a picture of myself every day of the project. Hopefully, something like this will pop up:

Please, leave some comments. Help me accomplish my goals. We can do it people. We can beat winter into hiding and enjoy the sunshine together!



Update: The three days of 40 have come and gone. Unfortunately, the beard was never anything to write home about... :(
More challenges and contests coming soon!


Rebecca said...

Wow! In the spirit of all things cWo, I say go Jason!

Fred said...

Ya know J, we could always just go out with hairdryers like you suggested a few days ago.