The end of the slump part one: reading

Greetings bloggers!

Let's do a series together, shall we? I do this for several reasons, but the most self-serving are that 1. readership has been down lately and 2. I'm snowed in, and the sky has opened up again. Put simply, I am bored.

But there's a bigger reason for the series I'm hoping to embark on the next couple of days. I mentioned in a previous post that I was kind of out of tune with God, that our harmonies just weren't working out right. But the past few days, I've been feeling myself come out of the slump. I am certain that a few of you out there on the internet have experienced a slump before, and may even be experiencing one now. I hope you might find one of these tips helpful.

For me, it starts with the Scriptures. I have this on again off again on again relationship with any kind of reading habit, so I feel a bit hypocritical suggesting it. I know a lot of people are with me in the struggle to find themselves in any kind of habit. Perhaps it's the falling out of the habit that begins the slump. So for the last few days I've been making my way through the word with extravagant results.

A little tip for you all, though this might happen to me simply because I was born and raised a Presbyterian. I have grown up thinking that to read the Bible effectively you need to take little tiny chunks at a time, because there's so much information in there that you might get overwhelmed. That might be true, but lately I've been centering myself in Paul's letters and reading each letter in a single setting. I'm probably letting little details slip past me, but 1. I'm getting a much more coherent idea from the letter and 2. maybe it's not all about the details in the first place.

I'm also reading some books. Actually I'm multi-tasking quite well, and find myself in three books at the same time. While these books are at all the Scripture, they are based pretty heavily upon them, and I read with my Bible at my side to double check things. It's been quite rewarding, but we'll have more on that later I do believe.

See you in part two tonight or tomorrow.