Veritas Post Game: HUGE!

The day after a big game can be either crushing or exhilarating (Just ask Sid). Either way, chances are there are things to be learned the day after, and so J-Blog faithfully returns to it's post-game coverage of both The Bridge and Veritas. Enjoy!

Glad to be back in the habit of writing some post-game posts. Last night was amazing, and a little bit frightening at the same time. Fortunately, due to some incredible planning on our part (read: we got lucky) we finished this episode of the J & Ed Variety Show with plenty of time to spare, so we got to hang out with the kids a bit more than a typical Wednesday.

I worked the welcome table last night to get a chance to meet more kids on their way in. I really do want to spend more time this year getting to know the kids, and investing in them rather than the programs themselves. But I started to become slightly alarmed when at 5:15 there were already 30 kids in our group. When it was all said and done, there were 48 kids crammed into our youth room at 6:00. While this might not be big numbers for some youth ministries, it blows the doors off our previous record of 42. To say it was mobish would be an understatement.

We played a game that Ed and I made up. Ed did most of the leg work for it, and I pitched in a few ideas. The result was exactly what we had hoped for: chaos. The game took close to an hour to complete, mostly because people were yelling at each other, and the challenges were ridiculous in places. My favorite was making a 9 person pyramid. Gold.

Worship was probably the only point in the evening I didn't think went all that well. It was super hot in the tiny little room we typically use for worship, and the little air conditioner that couldn't wasn't helping. Still, kids were jumping, singing, laughing, and enjoying themselves in worship. Still, a fan wouldn't have hurt.

I took the High School kids outside for the teaching. It was excellent. I forgot how much I love working with the high school kids. Not that middle school kids aren't awesome little bundles of energy themselves, but high school kids are just so much easier to relate to. It was a good night.

Lessons learned: Tear down a few walls in the youth wing if you're going to insist on sharing Jesus Christ with teenagers. He's contagious.