Greetings friends, and happy Saturday!

Yesterday saw the completion of a project that we have been hoping for and praying about for a long long time. The new Bridge sound system is in. The board pictured above is the actual board we're going to be using from week to week. Which beats the crap out of the little cardboard sound system we were using for the last 4 months.

Some features:

  • The ability for people in the audience to hear.
  • The ability for people in the audience to see
  • A much more streamlined set up process for the band.
  • A (hopefully) more useful set up for aerobic instructors in the space during the week.
  • In ear monitoring systems for the band (!)
  • More microphones than you can shake a stick at. (Seriously, get a stick...I dare you)
  • All in all, a better sound system than I've ever played on in my 20 some years of being a musician.
When we went downstairs yesterday to do training, I was a little bit scared at first at how immensely complicated the system seemed. It looked like we were going to have to go to school to learn advance sound engineering degrees to be able to sort this all out. For probably the first 10 minutes yesterday, I thought we were about to watch the whole system blow up in our face.

(BTW, that's the new official logo of the J-Blog)

But then I played on it for a while after the training, just trying to get familiar with the whole set up. It's going to be an absolute blast to worship in this space.

But I write this blog neither to brag or to boast or to whatever. I really want to ask for your prayers. My hope for this sound system was always that we could enhance one hour of worship every week, so that we could go out and be the people of God the rest of the week. I'll be preaching about that tomorrow (yes, it will be funny to talk about the unimportance of the new sound system the first week we have it), but I could use some prayers from everybody.

PS: Do you know what happens on Monday?