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Good morning friends!

I have been lucky as a member of Tree Anthem to be able to lead worship in some amazing spaces. Obviously this past summer I had the joy and the honor of leading worship at the Alive Music Festival in Ohio with about 250 of my closest friends. We've played at Camp Ligonier's outdoor stage a few times, and those kids are already pretty hyped up by the time we get there, so it's usually a pretty beautiful rock and roll set in the woods. And of course, who could forget Pine Springs the Big One, our favorite show to play each and every year? I have had the privilege of leading and singing all over the place, and I look forward to leading and singing in a bunch of new locations!

But yesterday I played at my absolute favorite venue. I hadn't been back at the Bridge in three weeks, and so I was extremely excited to get back in there and to lead worship. I saw friends I haven't seen in a long time. I got to laugh and some of the summer stories that have already started to form out of that place. I was challenged by the sermon and the scripture texts that went along with it. In short, I was home. 

I have known youth workers and worship leaders who don't feel at home in their congregations. Not so with me. I was home at Westminster the very moment I first step foot in one of the 31 doors we have become known for. The people I serve with are my friends, and truthfully everyone in the congregation serves right along side me and the rest of the staff on a daily basis. The Church (big C intentional) is the gathering of followers of Jesus, wherever they may find themselves. And so throughout the week when I see these friends at grocery stores or movie theaters or the more than occasional times we get together outside of the church building, I know that I am living a realized dream for what church should look like. I have found my home. 

Do you have a church home? A place where you can experience the grace and forgiveness of Jesus Christ through friendships deep and meaningful? A safe space where you can be challenged with the words of Scripture? A place where you can bring your brokenness unashamed, because everyone is encouraged to come just as they are? I hope you do. If not, by all means, feel free to join us at 9:45 AM on Sundays. We're the loud ones. 

More to come this week!