Earthquake Miracle?

Good morning bloggers,

Ed and I are fairly convinced that the earth itself is rebelling against us. When you think about the incredible amount of natural disasters that have been taking place lately, you realize that we might be right. Earthquakes, floods, hurricanes. Even things like the oil spill kind of count. We've been the victims of a lot of stuff lately!

Which is why yesterday when I saw that there had been an earthquake in New Zealand, I shuddered a bit. Mother nature was at it again. Yet this morning, as I was browsing Google news, I saw what might have been the most encouraging things I've ever seen:

The 7.1 magnitude quake, centred 40km west of Christchurch, shut down the central city and caused up to $2 billion in property damage, but the human toll appears to be just one death - a heart attack during the quake - and the serious injury of two men hit by window glass and chimney bricks.

That to me is crazy! I've never lived through an earthquake, but I think 7.1 sounds pretty remarkable! Heck, even a 3.1 is remarkable, because feeling the ground tremble beneath my feet would likely send me round the bend. But to walk away from that with only one loss of life and two injuries, man. The word miracle comes to mind.

Yes, there was a lot of damage done in that town. Yes, it's going to take them a while to rebuild afterwords. But for all the times that these natural disasters happen that we say "Where was God?" we need to affirm the times when beautiful and powerful things happen. We need to celebrate the incredibly small loss of life.

I will continue to pray for the people of this town, as I hope you will. But I'm going to rejoice that a solid portion of those prayers will be praise!