Disciples Are...An Introduction

Ok, what say you and I dive into another blog series together?

I actually think this might turn into the skeleton of a book, but let's take this one step at a time. This series started with a truly simple question that I think we all ask with a fair amount of consistency: "What does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus?"

I mean on the surface, it seems like a perfectly simple and non-threatening question. We all go to church. We all do our best not to say curse words. We all stay away from filthy things like cigarettes and getting drunk. Surely this is all enough to keep Jesus happy isn't it? Or maybe if we're honest, if we strip it all away and break it all down, our faith winds up looking a lot like the video at the top of this post. We get in trouble when we slip up and (a slightly too effeminate for me to be comfortable with) Jesus gives us a slap on the wrist, with a dollop of grace and we're back on our merry way. But while we're being honest, can I ask if that kind of "discipleship" is satisfying to you? If you make it through the day without missing a quiet time or swearing, do you really feel closer to God?

Or perhaps there's more to being a disciple than we put on ourselves...

So, we're going to dig deep into that question. For our centering text, we're going to look through the Sermon on the Mount, where Jesus basically laid out what it looks like to live as a citizen of the Kingdom. Obviously we'll pull from some supporting texts too, but if you're interested in following along I highly recommend reading these texts with me. I've gone through and outlined 28 (!) attributes of a disciple we can take home from the Sermon, so we're going to be at this for a while. I'd promise to do one every day for the next four weeks, but you know me and how quickly I get sidetracked!

So we'll start things out tomorrow with our first attribute: Disciples are poor.

Till then!