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I've been spending some time reading A Path to Publishing by long time friend of J-Blog Ed Cyzewski. We're going to have an interview on the blog here in a couple of weeks, but as I was reading I realized the importance of sharing the blogs you like and giving props where props are due. So, today I thought it would be cool to work through a list of the blogs I read with any kind of regularity. I broke them down into the categories they live in my Google Reader. Enjoy!

This is one of Ed's blogs. Absolutely mind blowing theological stuff going on here, well worth a read. Ed also has a blog specifically for writers that can be found at How could you not read Donald Miller's blog? Author of tremendous books, Don pens some of the most thought provoking posts of my day. Tim Stevens writes some incredibly practical information for any of us who find ourselves in church leadership. Do tune in! Loyal radicals. 'Nuff said! Probably one of the fastest growing blogs on the internet right now. Seriously, Jon Acuff is everywhere. His new book Stuff Christians Like is based largely on the blog, and is also definitely worth the read. Blog of former Youth Specialties president Mark Oestreicher, this is absolutely THE place to go for youth ministry and caption contests. Marko has also written some pretty stellar books.

Friends My wife's blog. Super interesting posts, and not just because she's cute! Caught in the Middle follows the travels of Christine Waller, who I guarantee has done more awesome things in the last 10 minutes than you or I have done in 3 months. Jake Clawson ladies and gentlemen. Jay Higham is a youth pastor from Sommerset PA whom I respect a tremendous amount. Great stuff happening here! Chris Brown is the pastor at The Upper Room here in Pittsburgh, a church that I desperately wish I could spend more time at. The blog of fellow bandmate/youth ministry conspirator Luke McClain. He says "mom" weird in real life, but it doesn't come out on the blog.

The Pittsburgh Penguins Ok, that's the least accessable blog url ever, but these guys are my first point of contact with anything going on in the world of the Pens. Seriously good reporting all around. Yes, they can be a bit crude. But holy cow are they funny! And also probably the most level headed of the Pens Fanboys. When everyone else pushes the panic button, these guys keep their cool. Puck daddy is ABSOLUTELY the place to go for any and all NHL news. Doesn't matter what team you support, you need to be there!

So that's what I've been reading. What about you?


SarahFett said...

Thanks for the shout out! And the idea to use lists in a blog post. (You know how much I like lists!)