New Mascot

Good morning bloggers.
For as long as this blog has existed (what, about a year I think...we should really celebrate stuff like that!) we have had but one mascot.
Tiger has given us thumbs up when ridiculous events transpire. Sometimes, he was completely serious, celebrating a victory in the Veritas youth ministry career. Other times, his thumbs were seriously sarcastic, like when the sound system would fail. But I was informed this morning that he suffered an injury to his left thumb, and will now be placed on injured reserve. We had a morning meeting here at J-Blog (if you follow that one all the way through, yes, I'm bored enough this morning to have meetings with myself) and decided it was time for a new mascot. Someone who would strike fear into the hearts of our enemies. Someone who would cause less
er opponents to forfeit before the game even started. So we scoured the internet and found our man:
Holy cow. I'm terrified!
Do not under any circumstances stare into his eyes for longer than 2 seconds. It's like that scene in Indiana Jones, you will perish instantly.

Coming later today: A new look for the J-Blog