I blame the technology

Hello friends.
Can you believe I fried my laptop again? I can. And so can just about everyone else around me. I don't know what I'm going to do to protect this sucker once I get it back from the repair shop, but rest assured it's going to be left alone with the cockroaches when the nuclear fallout happens. I am THAT untrustworthy...
Also in the recent past, I had swine flu. That makes me happy. I survived one of those diseases that the news made way too big a deal about! Now when I'm 70 years old and my grand kids are saying "what's swine flu?", I will look them in the face and say "You know, your grandfather had swine flu once." I will exaggerate the details, tell them I spent the whole month (it lasted a week) in the hospital (I went to the doctors once) one life support (Sarah brought me lots of Gatoraid). And these young whipper snappers will look at me with faces that say "wow, you are a grizzled old man, worthy of our respect!" A guy can dream.
The whole thing has taught me a bunch, so long as I'm willing to absorb it and actually retain the lessons. The other day, I went to the Starbucks in Pittsburgh and wrote a talk. Get this: I used paper and pen! Did you know they still made such tools? Actually, I wrote in a genuine Moleskine, which made me feel all kinds of artsy-fartsy lying next to my triple pumpkin spice latte and my bottle of fancy water. I kind of liked it. Maybe (and here's the lesson) I rely a bit too much on my precious technology. Maybe I don't need a super cool fancy laptop to be able to tap my creative potential. Maybe I just need a good notebook and one of those pens that feels extra good in your hands. The kind where the paper just soaks up the ink because it's so heavy and so good. Yes, there is something to this.
So for now, I'm laptopless, and I'm going to try to live a bit of a simpler life. There are ways to be creative that don't involve the Apple logo (gasp), and I intend to explore them a little bit.
But don't worry. I still have twitter.