The First Paper Part Four: Submission

Argus U Turn In Homework Poster N15427 XL

Hello friends,

It is finished. All the writing, all the editing, all the polishing, all the self loathing, it is all done.

On Sunday, a whole day early, I pushed the "send" button on an e-mail that represented 3 months of hard work. It represented a lot of learning too, pushing my mind and my theology to places they hadn't been to before. It was a good term.

And yet, I felt my finger hover on the mouse button for a few seconds before making the click happen. Was the paper up to my best standard? Were there places where I could go back and make it better? I had a few extra hours, but I had long ago decided the paper was where it needed to be, but I could fix it if I needed to. What to do?


And with that, the end of the term was here. With that, none of what was going through my head mattered. I was ready to move on to the next thing, and maybe even a little bit more, I was ready to have a three week break. Come what may, it's done and over. And it feels really, really good.

Thanks for following along on this one.