Book Review: Jesus, My Father, the CIA, and Me

Greetings from NYC!

Sarah and I are joined by Luke and Jessie here at Breezy Point for a week of chilling by the beach, chilling on the porch, chilling in the city, and really chilling anywhere we can find. We've got a fridge full of Coke, and computers ready for blogging, so let's get to it!

While I was on my way to Africa last week, I knew that I wanted to read as much as I possibly could. I actually worked my way through three books, the first of which was Ian Morgan Cron's book Jesus, My Father, the CIA, and Me. Somehow, I missed the fact that Cron was also the author Chasing Francis, a book I enjoyed incredibly for it's ties to a hypothetical CD that my hypothetical band may or may not be releasing on October 4th. (If you were wondering what the theme of our CD way, I essentially just gave it away!)

I have always been a big fan of memoir as a genre of writing. It's the style I feel most at home writing in, and definitely the style I feel most at home reading. Cron has a wit and a sense of humor that speaks directly to my heart. Jesus...and Me has an excellent style, and an incredible subject matter. Though I agree with my good friend Ed Cyzewski that this subject matter (rough childhood and how it impacts a person's faith) is a bit overdone in the bookstores right now, I think each story is different, and each story has something to teach us. This story in particular did kind of fizzle out in terms of the CIA and how that impacted Cron's relationship with his father, but I also kind of imagine that the situation fizzled out in his life in a way that was less than what he expected.

All in, I thought it was a tremendous read. Super quick to get through, and a fitting book for a sumer beach read if that's your thing.

Coming soon, I read Francis Chan's Erasing Hell and Rob Bell's Love Wins back to back. I'll review them together!

Till then!