Book review: One.Life

Greetings friends!

Last week on Wednesday and Thursday, I snuck away to Pine Springs Camp to have a time of quiet reflection and prayer (more on this later). As I was getting ready to leave, I was scanning our office book shelf looking for something to read while I was away, and Ed suggested I take a look at One.Life by Scot McKnight. I had really only taken that and N.T. Wright's Surprised by Hope, which turned out to be a bit heavier and more theological than I really wanted for the weekend. I wanted something that could both challenge me and nurture me, and One.Life did not disappoint!

In short, I think One.Life is like the Christian Field Guide to Everything. Each chapter builds one upon the other in an attempt to describe what the life of a true disciple of Christ looks like. I've seen other books that attempt a similar goal, but these other books almost always come across as a bit snarky, matter of fact, or even rude. Not so with One.Life. As I said, the tone was both challenging (it said some things that I truly had to wrestle with up in the cabin) and reassuring (I came home more enthused to do youth ministry than I had when I left, which was the goal).

Perhaps my favorite chapter of the book was Imagined.Life, where McKnight takes a look at the world as Jesus saw it, and invites us to see it in the same light. I am pretty well known throughout the galaxy as a dreamer, and it was super encouraging to see our Savior in the same light. However, again to go with the challenge, I was convicted that the dreams I have for the world and the dreams Jesus has for it might not line up exactly as well as I had thought.

I highly recommend this book to anyone! Go to Amazon and get yourself a copy today!




Michael and Rebekah said...

Thanks for that review....I bought the book at Jubilee and was have it sitting on my shelf...There are a couple books that I am reading that are ahead of it, but I am excited to sit down and read it now....Thanks!