Stating Faith

Hello friends!

How I wish I had more time to spend with you all! Actually, this week looks pretty light, so we can see if we can get some more information pumped up on ye' olde blog this week. I can always dream!

This week is the one week of the year where I have a temporary change in profession. As the confirmation class finishes up their statements of faith, I sit at my desk and proof read and re-think and re-word and format's a bit tedious at times. Luckily, this year as in the last few years the statements have been fairly rock solid in a theological sense, and haven't caused me to have a nervous break down.

Every year, I think about writing my own statement of faith along with the students. The problems that come up in my head are thus: 1) If I seriously wrote down what I believe about everything, it would take me three years to complete. And 2) A statement of faith seems so stale, so boring, and so lifeless.

I hadn't really considered it until this year, but I wonder if asking our students to write a statement of faith is at all worth it? What I write on that paper may or may not actually be what's going on in my head, heart, or more importantly my life.

Come to think of it, Jesus never wrote a statement of faith. He made statements of faith all the time, but it almost always comes as a situation response to an actual flesh and blood person. What kind of statement of faith did I make at the grocery store? Or at the hockey game last night? Or on a date with my wife?

Is there a better way to get at the heart of what we believe than just writing out a statement of doctrines and ideas about God? I wonder if there's a way to document faith as it's happening, as we're engaging situations along the way.

Any one have any creative suggestions floating around out there?