Project Update

Hello friends!

I've been absent from the blog, which on the surface may appear as though I've been slacking off on the writing portion of the new years resolution. You'd be wrong!

I've had two projects in the wings that I've been writing feverishly for. The first is our new college ministry blog, We have a bunch of college kids at our church, but we really couldn't figure out a way to connect with them outside of our yearly care package. So we decided on the idea of a blog, where people can comment and share in discussion. So far it's going really well, so if you or someone you love is in college, I highly recommend checking it out!

The other project is our lenten devotional guide, LET/GO. Ed and I have been writing this book since January, and we're just now landing on the finishing touches. We're waiting for two more sections of the book to come back from our editor, but even in it's incomplete state, it's pushing 60 pages and 13,000 words! That's insane!

All that writing has kind of zapped me of inspiration (just ask anybody who was in church to hear my sermon/rant). I'm sure a better writer would be able to over-come this, but I am not a better writer.

Anyway, I'm hoping to bounce back this week with some new stuff for J-Blog, but of course if you have any suggestions of things you'd like to read about/discuss, hit me up in the comments!




SarahFett said...

Why doesn't your blog look pretty anymore? It is just gray and sad. :(