Training Update #1

Hey friends,

As mentioned in my goals for the year, I'm working out for the MS 150 this June. In the future, I'll have some information on how to support the team financially, but in the meantime, I thought it'd be cool to have a group of folks praying for me, and I'll keep you all updated here on the blog. So here's a bit of what I've been up to!

The (other) Bible

I've been reading this book, and it turns out to be pretty great. It's a great start for someone who wants to get into the cycling world on the ground floor. It's a big long read, and I've still got a ways to go, but it's really got me going on the right foot. Friel really stresses the idea of training happening in periods, or seasons, which is helpful because the season I currently find myself in has temperatures of -6 on a somewhat frequent basis. So that leads me inside, to the gym!


Starting last week I joined Bally's Total Fitness, and I am absolutely loving it! The biggest thing they have over my previous gym is a pool, which is one of the best things I could possibly do to improve my aerobic ability (something that needs to be drastically better before June!). I also really dig the indoor track, again a good place to get the lung capacity up. Plus, the training bible has me working through a thorough plan in terms of strength training, which makes me feel a little bit less like a lost child wandering around the equipment.

Man cave.
Ahhh yes, the final touch. For Christmas I got an indoor mag trainer, which might well be the best thing I've ever done. It's been great in the off days from the gym to take a spin in my own training room, pushing through some intervals. But I will admit, if the snow could just stop falling a little bit, I would absolutely love to get the bike outside into it's natural habitat.

Biggest Accomplishment This Week: I've dropped down to 234.2 pounds, the lightest I've been since college!

Biggest Frustration This Week: I want badly to go outside and take a big long ride. It will come.

Thanks for tuning in! More to come later!




Lars Rood said...

Hey- I'm totally following your biking. I started running a few years ago and I love it but I'm not consistent. I'd love to be 235. :) Keep it up

Freyer said...

Thanks man! Thanks for the accountability of knowing that people are watching!

By the way, how'd that weekend gig go?